Sunday, 12 January 2014

The tale of the TV and the new Kate Spade bag

For Christmas this year, Santa was quite good to my husband and he arranged for a Curry's van to deliver an oblong shaped item with lots of channels on it.

The problem was that it arrived 2 days before Christmas, which put Mr SG into a spin and which finally led him to the conclusion that he needed to do some emergency Christmas present shopping for me. So, armed with the eldest for inspiration, on Christmas Eve he braved the City Centre to see what he could find.

Now, as luck would have it, a couple of days earlier I had been admiring my friend's new Kate Spade bag. The eldest was with me at the time and clocked everything about it, so she led Mr SG straight to the handbag department in Selfridges and, when there wasn't one on display, she described what she was after and lo and behold a brand new one was produced from the stock room. That's my girl!

So this is what he came back with, the rather lovely Kate Spade cross body in empire grey.

I didn't want my husband to buy anything else for me, that wasn't the point of the gift to him at all*. No, the whole point of the gift to him was to redress the balance as throughout the year I definitely have many more treats than him. Having said that, I did take slight joy in the fact that once, just for once, he was speechless.

*Although inadvertently, I may have discovered a new trick for the future for securing something that one has been coveting!