Friday, 18 April 2014

Springtime outfits for warmer (and cooler) days....


In yesterday's post I was talking about how difficult it can be to decide what to wear when there's such a wide range in temperature during the day. The thing is, when it gets to this time of the year, we're all worn out with dark, heavy, winter clothes so it's about finding things that are a little bit more spring like but which still keep the chill at bay.

One of the first things to think about is wearing slightly lighter coloured jeans and, as soon as the temperature permits, swapping heavy boots for shoes which can be worn without tights.  One tip is to use a little bit of spray tan on your feet and ankles, just to take the blueness away. I like the Rimmel spray  in golden brown. What I don't like is the smell, which can give me a migraine, so I spray it on before I shower and as it's water resistant it's still there, minus the smell, when I've finished. It works for me!

As to clothing, it's about working with fabrics and layers to get a lighter, brighter, springtime look which is still warm.  I am wearing a long sleeved top from the GAP, together with this eyelet-trim sweatshirt top, also from GAP (£24.95) which whilst not mega-weight, is a lot thicker than a regular top or T-shirt. Predictably I liked the sweat style, the fact that it was navy, plus the lacy trim. The jeans are from New Look and the shoes, M&S.

When it's warm enough I will abandon the coral top and maybe the vest underneath too - such a rebel!