Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Girls' night out in Jigsaw, GAP and Dune sparkles...

A couple of nights ago I was out with the girls at a local pub. It wasn't a fancy pants place and anything goes really but I think it's nice to make a bit of an effort when going out.

I love a nice cream jumper for the spring - or for the winter too for that matter - and this Jigsaw jumper (£59) offered me just what I was after. I like the boat neckline, the vertical ribbing, the batwing sleeve and the shape of it as, unusually, it's quite fitted around the waist whereas a lot of the knitwear at the moment is quite square and baggy (otherwise known as relaxed, slouchy or comfort fit!)

Sometimes I like to wear a combination of casual trousers and sparkly heels too, so these super skinny khakis from GAP (£27.99) worked fine for me, together with these Dune heels, which I wear all year round, from Christmas parties to the height of the summer. I'm not sure that many women go to the pub with trainers in their bag but I did, just in case I decided to run home (I didn't!)

Jigsaw jumper (£59) - I thought that it was quite brave (or daft) of me to wear it when going out for dinner!

GAP super super skinny khakis (£27.99) - these were a more sensible choice if it was the case that was going to throw things down myself.
Unlike the middle of winter, when we all know that we need to wear a lot of clothes, or the height of summer when we all know that we don't (within reason), I've realised that this is one of those times of year when it's possible to spend far too long deciding what to wear. It's largely because there can be such a wide range in temperature during the day. So, to save myself, my sanity and to avoid annoying the family over the holiday period, I'm going to spend a bit of time pulling a few outfits together which deal with the "Oh it was 6 degrees and now it's 16 degrees" issue. It's not hard but it just takes a bit of thought. I hope to share them with you as I go along...
Oh and of course, knowing that she's such a big fan of the blog, I can't sign off without wishing VB a very Happy 40th Birthday. Much as I love her current refined and sophisticated style, I'm hoping that one day she will re-visit the outfits of her Baden Baden WAG days, or her POB or the boobs under the chin look. Sadly I fear that I will be disappointed. Happy Birthday Mrs B!