Monday, 28 April 2014

The M&S printed, pointy, block shoes get an outing....

Saturday was the perfect day to give my pointed, printed, M&S shoes their first outing. I wasn't sure quite what the weather had in store, hence the cuffed black Jigsaw trousers and the Topshop embellished jumper. However, it all felt in need of a little pick me up so the shoes, with their cheeky print and pink block heel, were called to action.  Do you remember when we were all horrified at the idea of block heeled shoes, instantly thinking of the Queen Mother? And now? They are definitely the way forward, certainly in terms of comfort and practicality. 
As I mentioned yesterday, it was Mr SG's birthday on Saturday, so that saw a combination of cake baking, a quick trip to town and several visits to car dealerships to see whether it was possible to squash three children across the back seat of the car of his dreams (it wasn't). In resignation of the inevitable, that is unless he either wants an MPV (he doesn't) or to lose a child (hmmm, vaguely more preferable in his book to driving an MPV), we went to the pub.
Anyway, the point of all of this is that the shoes dealt with whatever was thrown at them on that day - although I was happy to revert to trackies and converse on Sunday.  
For info, I sized up half a size to a 6. I have just double checked the M&S site and can't see that they are back in stock but then again that site is totally infuriating and I may have missed them. The shoes are Limited Collection and cost £29.50.