Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I think that we're finally nearly there with the pale pink GAP trousers....

At the third attempt of wearing these trousers I was finally happy with they way that they looked (in the loosest sense of the word). Look 1, I shared a while ago, look 2, I abandoned as it just didn't work but this look worked better, I felt, because the boots are a similar colour to the trousers. This had the effect of lessening the shortening/sausage widening effect on the legs of flesh colour trousers. Who in their right mind eh????

For anyone out there after some trousers which will make their legs shorter and more sausage like (which probably no one will after I described them like that) the chino slim leg trouser from Jigaw (£75) in vintage pink will do a good job. In all seriousness, I do like them and the shape of these is really good for anyone who doesn't want anything too skinny. For info, they also come in navy, pale blue and dove grey.  I never did find on the GAP site the ones that I am wearing. Perhaps they withdrew them for crimes against fashion.

For a similar top, which I know is being worn a lot right now, I linked to some from Oasis the other day, but I also saw this denim look jersey top in Cos (£45) which I really liked for it's softness.

The boots that I am wearing are really beyond their sell by date and I will replace them when I find another pair that I like and which don't cost the earth. These were bought in a Zara sale one summer and I have since seen some that I like in All Saints and Reiss, Bicester. But there are other more important purchases to make first....

On another note, are there any other households out there still singing the songs from "Frozen"? I have realised that we get through about one track a month, so having done "Do you wanna build a snowman", "Let it go" and one other that I can't bear to think of or it will stick in my mind again, we are now on "Love is an open door." The trouble is that the eldest two have found on YouTube, alternative versions full of expletives, which are equally addictive and which I too, now find myself singing. I  have had to ban them in front of the six year old for fear of the inevitable phone call from the school asking me to explain her recently extended vocabulary....


  1. Do NOT put that frozen track in my head 'let it go' - AARRGGHH
    On a brighter note you look fab!

  2. I find pink trousers make you look naked from afar.


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