Thursday, 1 May 2014

Silver shoes and more silver shoes....a girl should never be without a pair.

I hadn't intended for today's post to be about silver shoes but when my friend rocked up in these at school prior to her day in the office, my plans for today's post went right out of the window.

From nights out with jeans and a nice top, to smarter wedding type events and also to work, silver shoes are a wardrobe staple - and I'm never without a pair or two. They are so versatile, and are really great for adding the final touches to an outfit, or just pepping it up a little.

As a result of taking these shots the pair of us were nearly run over in the car park but you know, it's all in a good cause and I reckon that the sooner that our six year old girls realise that glittery shoes are worth being traumatised over, the better.

I thought that a heel shot would be worth including, just to demonstrate that they are not too high. I have it on good authority from my friend that these shoes are really comfortable and I have now also seen her running in them, so I'm prepared to believer her.

The shoes featured are the dazzling heels from Boden, which are now only available in gold (£71.40) but they also do these party heels with the nearest style to the glitter ones being these which are a mixture of silver and gold. There are also leopard print and coral ones too.

THEN, and would you believe it, as another friend and I set off on our run, she told me that she had bought a pair of silver shoes from Matalan (£15) (whilst going to buy her daughters' white school socks - liking the subterfuge). She wasn't sure what, exactly, she needed them for but let's face it, we all need a pair of silver shoes in our wardrobes don't we? In real life they are much more sparkly.

And as another option, I've included this silver sandal from Next (£28). I have also included a link to all of the silver sandals at Next because they have such a good choice and at such reasonable prices.

OK so who's tempted - and who already owns a pair?!!!