Saturday, 31 May 2014

Good stuff is all well and good but sometimes old favourites are where it's at!


Many of you will remember this Boden tunic from years gone by. I've had it for longer than I can remember but I still like it and it comes with me whenever I go anywhere that's vaguely warm.

Although (as you may have gathered) I love being warm, I'm not a sun worshipper so it's nice to have something which keeps me covered up when it's really hot. As it's linen, it has a really nice feel to it, which also helps. Boden have re-released this best seller this year in several colour ways and it costs £69. There are 128 reviews so people obviously have something to say about it but I must admit that I don't know which side of the fence they have come down on!

My £7 ASDA hat from the menswear department has done me well but after a short swim in the pool, it's not quite what it was. There are plenty of similar ones around this year though in the likes of Zara and GAP. Sadly, Cath Kidston has had a year off from flip flops, which is a shame as I really like hers and the ones that I am wearing are on their last legs. As for the Habitat bag, that's really old and also a bit tatty but I get very fond of things and don't like to part with them just because they have seen better days. I would hate to think of anything (or anyone) being traded in just because it/they are a little bit tired around the edges!!!

Having finally (it's only taken 7 years) got Mr SG to the sun, we've realised that with GCSEs approaching for one, followed by AS levels and then A-levels, it will be at least another 4 years before we can get away at May half term, by which time exams will have started for child number 2. I'm tempted to see if I can get someone to "adopt" the eldest for the next few years at this time of year so that the rest of us can go on holiday. Wouldn't it make a great subject for the Jeremy Kyle show?!