Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The bare necessities of life - a beach dress and new PJs!


There are definitely some things in my wardrobe which get updated less frequently than others, which is why when it came to thinking about what I might need for our trip away, a pool/beach dress was up there along with the more obvious items of shorts and t-shirts. With time short, this one from H&M did the job in terms of price (£7.99), plus I liked the print and the fact that it is slightly scooped down at the back.

I'm really sharing this little number with you more because it's cheap and cheerful and it will do a good job of taking you to the beach and back, rather than because it's super stylish. The good thing is that it won't matter if it gets covered in sun-tan lotion and salt water. I love the idea of some of the more expensive beautiful beachwear but I must admit that I really don't see the point. In all probability I would just leave something like that at home for fear of ruining it, which kind of defeats the object.

I decided that my pjs also needed a bit of an update. They are quite often another thing that also get neglected.  More a fan of shorts and a vest, I found the set on the left at M&S. The shorts on the right came from GAP and because I wasn't too fussed about the vests there, I bought the white one from H&M.

I still can't quite get over the terrible book that I read on the flight on the way out. And because it was so terrible I'm going to share it with you all. I had to go back and re-read bits just to check that it was as bad as I thought and to make sure that I hadn't missed something. But no! So here goes...

The book contained the clich├ęd mothers - one stay at home mum who grew her own veg and made her own clothes from old curtains, one full on career mum who loved her job and her child but felt more competent at work, one mum who worked part time, had a nanny and missed her kids and one single, unhappy mum, who was after a rich husband to support her extravagant lifestyle. Bad in so many ways! Not only that but there was talk of the unfriendly London mums with kids who were scheduled up to the hilt with activities. Anyway the husband of the main couple was being stalked by his children's nanny who was convinced that he would run off with her because he had told her how much he liked her lasagne and wait for it....her ironing! Anyone else had the pleasure of that particular book?!