Friday, 23 May 2014

From stylish Whistles sandals to totally nerdy shoes in one fell swoop - but for some reason I really like them!

When you fall in love with these Gia block heeled sandals from Whistles but just looking at their heel height makes your eyes water and their cost makes you have palpitations, what's a girl to do?

She goes to Clarks and buys these Sandcastle Art sandals, which cost £44.99 instead. No-one would ever pretend that they are as stylish but at least they are wearable and affordable.  I really like them - true nerdy sandals at their best!

Sorry for the absence for a few days. Thanks to the ladies last night we had a great event and  tomorrow we are off on holiday - so there's lots to be done but whilst I'm away I hope to be able to bring you some outfit posts. Somehow, despite booking the holiday quite late and not really having had any time to myself to shop, I seem to have accumulated one or two new bits and bobs which I will share with you soon.