Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My fashion confession: I want to live in jeans. Permanently.

This outfit started off with smart(ish) navy Cos trousers being worn as part of  it but by the time it was time to start the school run, I had abandoned them in favour of my new boyfriend jeans from Jigsaw. I must admit that I am finding it hard to take them off as they are sooooo comfortable. I also wore a Zara striped blazer, navy ribbed Boden top, M&S shoes and a bright pink necklace from Alice's Wonders. With a meeting followed by a session with a client it worked well but the chance to nip home so that I could swap into my jeans was most welcome!

I'm sure that as time passes the desire for comfortable jeans and trainers is starting to feature higher and higher on my wish list - that and snuggly tracksuit bottoms and soft knitwear. Sometimes the thought of heels and dresses leaves me positively quivering in my skater trainers, so I'm grateful for the whole normcore trend, which is defined in Wikipedia as "a 2014 fashion trend of stylized understated non-descript style." Now that's a trend that I am happy to embrace wholeheartedly.  What does everyone else think?!