Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stripes, florals and a sandal for summer....


The husband of one of my friends came up to me this morning and said "I like your shoes and I like the coat with them. It's a nice juxtaposition. You're making a statement." I'm not sure that I managed a response - that was quite full on and fashiony for me 8.20am, particularly as I was thinking about how our eldest had gone into her exams wearing a Sponge Bob plaster, designed so that he could act as her spiritual guru if her mind went blank. That's more of the level we operate on in this family. Apparently Sponge Bob was a big fat fail because he fell off.

You've probably all seen what I am wearing many times before: Jigsaw boyfriend jeans, Boden cashmere jumper, M&S shoes, Zara parka and Kate Spade bag.  I quite liked the jumper and the shoes together - the colours were the same but the prints were different and because there wasn't too much of either, and because they weren't too close together, they didn't fight with one another.

I came across these sandals from Red Herring (£31.60) whilst on my travels yesterday and thought that I would share them with you. It has to be said that they look better in the flesh but they are really attention grabbing when you walk past them. It's partly the colour and partly the slightly retro feel about them - they reminded me of something that Orla Kiely would design - although I should add that these aren't leather, which for some will be a good thing. The block heel is really cute and they would do a great job of brightening up darker coloured trousers or jeans. Anyway, just another idea!