Friday, 12 August 2016

A Topshop Special!

Given that we've got a few days of sunny weather forecast, I thought that I would share this embroidered flute tee from Topshop with you all. It's pretty, it goes with lots of things and you can never have too many summery tops.

I like a pretty, fluted, type sleeve. There's plenty of room in these sleeves - and in the body too, without it all feeling too voluminous. And I'm not sure what's happened to all the Ghillie shoes that everyone bought last summer - they seem to have all trotted off together on a Ghilllie vacation - but I'm resurrecting mine because I still really like them as they are flat and comfortable :)

 Embroidered flute tee from Topshop (£39)

Anyway, must dash. Hope that you all have a super, sunny, weekend! Beth x