Monday, 15 August 2016

Dungarees and frills...

So I've dabbled with dungarees in the past but I've never really jumped in with both feet. From time to time a pair catch my eye, as was the case with these denim patchwork dungarees from New Look (£29.99).  I put them with this frilled cotton blouse by H&M £9.99 (which is shown below) just to see what they would look like...

Initially I thought that the shirt on its own was a bit full on frilly for me but the more that I wore it with the dungarees, the more I got used to it. Being 100% cotton and only £9.99, it's a great shirt for anyone thinking of dipping their toe in the "white frilly shirt" water.

I picked up the gold version of the navy Zara shoes that I bought in the sale a few weeks ago. They're currently £15.99 - arguably a little bit bling but not so much that I feel like a rapper.

I'm trying to work out how best to describe this outfit...

A bit Dexys Midnight Runners/the Wurzels/frilly lizard/rapper/suburban Mum of 3. Hmmmm. There's a new one. Not quite sure that I'm selling it! 


  1. I love this combination of dungarees and frilled top, looks great on you. I've lost count of the number of dungarees I've tried on - none of which fitted the bill. Finally I got a pair from M&S, like your's they are more fitted which I find more flattering.

    1. Thank you! And I hope that you are getting lots of wear out of your dungarees. Are you now a convert?! X


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