Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Zara jumpsuit dress and I. Are we a match made in heaven? (What even is one?!)

If I had a different life, or if I didn't make as many chocolate cakes as I do (big sleeves + chocolate cake mix = disaster), or if I didn't have to unload a dishwasher many times each day, I would keep this poplin jumpsuit dress from Zara (£25.99)

It's 100% cotton, and I love the colour, plus the style too - but the jumpsuit dress and I? The algorithims on definitely wouldn't put us together.

We would get on famously well on a hot day in an exotic location. But that's not enough.

What about the everyday? We're just not compatible and we definitely wouldn't last the distance. It's too showy, I'm too sensible.

What was that I said about sensible? Who in their right mind would flash their pants to the world? So now we all know what a jumpsuit dress is at least. It was this slightly quirky "what on earth is that and how do I put it on?" type question that attracted me to it in the first place. But I don't think that quirky is enough to keep us together. So goodbye jumpsuit dress, it was good knowing you.


  1. News to me, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a jumpsuit dress! It looks lovely, great colour but I can't see the point of something where you can't see the jumpsuit bit - looks like a dress! Some things aren't meant to be!

    1. Hello! No I didn't know about jumpsuit dresses either; that's what I found so intriguing. It's great for me on the warmth front as it's double layered, but most people would bake in it. It's an interesting concept, great if you have small children and are bending over a lot! X

  2. Actually you have a point there, didn't think of that!

    1. I only thought about it when trying to reach for ice cream in Waitrose in a short ish dress and flashed more than was necessary!!! 😂


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