Sunday, 21 August 2016

The H&M embroidered sweatshirt...

So today was the first full day of our Guernsey holiday and it was a little bit warm, a little bit rainy, a little bit sunny (from time to time) and VERY windy. 

After heading down to the beach for a spot of early morning exercise with the younger children, I changed into some old Topshop jeans that I chopped down into cut-offs and this sweatshirt that I picked up in H&M (£12.99) on Friday. I love a bit of embroidery - and a bit of navy - so for me it was a match made in heaven. 

If you were an 8 year old taking photos of your Mum, of course you too would keep quiet about a wave sneaking up on her wouldn't you? I know I would. 

Yes, we're talking cold! 

I think that all things embroidery related will be here for a few seasons yet and whilst we first have to deal with the upcoming season, next summer I will be investing in some embroidered shorts. For anyone who is about to embark on a late holiday, here's an idea of what is still on offer...

H&M embroidered shorts (£19.99)

H&M embroidered cotton shorts (£8.99)

H&M navy embroidered shorts (£9.99)


  1. You have great legs. I'm very envious

    1. Oh golly Jan, that's very kind but I'm envious of many people's legs! X


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