Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Baukjen Berwick off the shoulder jumper...

Berwick off the shoulder knit from Baukjen (£109)

As some of you will know, I've been doing a review of a few pieces from Baukjen's Pre-Fall collection and being such a chilly creature, I decided to include a piece of knitwear - albeit of the cold shoulder variety.

I'm fairly certain that you will find me reaching for knitwear before most people but I don't want a life lived in crew neck jumpers. And whilst having one's shoulders exposed is hardly snuggling up, I find that if my torso is warm, I can sometimes get away with having shorter sleeves, or exposed shoulders (I'll leave the exposed midriff to someone else!)

So I chose the Berwick off the shoulder knit from Baukjen (£109) in this gorgeous shade of blue.  When I put it on, I loved the wide neckline and the way that it moved. I'm sure that there's a "proper" way to wear it but I just liked pulling it this way and that to see how it sat. 

Now is it only me or does anyone else have visions of Christmas Day as soon as they start thinking about knitwear? I see myself wearing this jumper sat in front of the log burning stove with snow gently falling outside whilst watching "the Holiday" on TV. Of course the reality is always different - more like the smoke alarms going off with the windows wide open whilst watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses - with everyone arguing just for good measure.

So whilst I would happily wear this jumper at this time of year, it will also head way on into the winter months for parties and family gatherings, when it's time to dig out the leather leggings.

And for when the sun really does stop shining and it's time to head outside, I will be wearing the Whitburn long line knit from Baukjen. I'm a big fan of a raglan sleeve and the baseball styling is right on the button for the upcoming season.

For anyone wishing to take a closer look, Baukjen's jumpers can be viewed here. And don't forget, with the code STYLEG15 there's 15% off new season clothes until midnight on 8th September.