Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mum on the Run - Packing for a few days away

All went well yesterday for our journey to Guernsey.  The only time I was fearful was as we approached security and I realised that I had absolutely no idea at all what the 4 year old had packed in her trunki.  It could have been full of scissors and kitchen knives for all I knew.  When questioned (by me) she denied possessing any guns or knives but confessed to having drugs in there (together, it transpired with a tea set and a cross from her Easter service at school.)

With only a 15kg  baggage allowance between the three of us we had to pack light.  With that in mind I planned my outfits in advance taking into account that we were likely to be doing the following : Collecting eggs from the ducks (muddy) going on the beach and rockpooling (sandy/wet) eating ice creams (potentially messy) - you get the idea.   So I laid my clothes out and named them as follows : nautical/ice cream//layering.  Packing like this really organises your thoughts and stops you from taking items that are unlikely to be worn. Here are the photos of each outfit:


                                                                       Ice cream


To travel I wore the Cos shirt dress which I wore earlier in the week (which I had actually managed to wash and iron in between!) with green River Island jeans and patent loafers.  I should really have belted the shirt dress but I just wanted to be comfortable for travelling.

I am going to get my Guernsey jumper made today which I am really looking forward to.  Alexa Chung has helped to maket them popular again as apparently Colin Firth, after wearing a Guernsey in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  Now imagine bumping him today.  What a nice thought!