Saturday, 24 March 2012

On the Run - A lacy racy Saturday!

Oh what a day!  I saw the eldest two and their Dad off on a skiing trip today which always leaves me feeling a bit odd. No fighting, no teenage music, no rubbish on the TV - too much calm leaves me feeling uneasy! Mind you I need a week to get sorted given that I managed to turn each of their bedrooms upside down about ten minutes after they left.  It's always dangerous starting on a sorting out project.  The ramifications go on and on....

Before he left, our son was playing with the hosepipe with his sister.  Unsurprisingly she got wet, so disappeared into the house, only to emerge five minutes later complete with wellies, raincoat and an umbrella - which was hilarious because the reason we were in the garden in the first place was because it was so sunny.

As I say, it was really warm in Brum land today, hence the wedge shoes, painted toe nails and lace top. Great in Brum - not so great at my Mum's where it is 8 degrees cooler. 

As to the outfit - I bought the top last year from Fusion at Monsoon and I am pleased to say that they have done another one almost similar this year - although it is a pinky coral colour. It is called the minnie lace blouse and costs £42 -
Fusion Minnie Lace Blouse

The jeans are from Mango, the necklace from Jigsaw and shoes from Dune.  When driving along I did see women in sun tops, flip flops and shorts but I'm not quite there yet! (Which is fortunate for anyone reading this!)