Thursday, 22 March 2012

On the Run: Spring tops - a fine knit with a difference

So far this week I have looked at two different grey marl tops for spring and also some stripes.  Today it's the turn of the colour block fine knit.  This one is from M&S Limited Collection and costs £29.50.  My aim was to bring you some tops that were a little bit different and I think that this one ticks the boxes on that score.  This is the front......

and this is the back....

As you can see it is open at the back which gives a great opportunity to introduce an additional colour by way of bright vest (Topshop is always good for these and they do them with wide straps so that bra straps are hidden) or a print or some stripes.  Or if you have the figure of Kate Moss you could just not wear anything at all - but I won't be going down that particular road.

In the above photograph I am wearing the top with some M&S purple chinos which at £25 are a great price and also their pink slingbacks.

I am so pleased that I am going to have my hair cut tomorrow.  It has turned into a mushroom head and needs sorting out.  Last time I went I told the hairdresser that I had turned into a Beatle - as in one of the Beatles with a bowl head hair do. He looked at me oddly and afterwards I realised that he probably wasn't old enough to know who the Beatles were and instead thought that I was saying that I looked like a beetle.  I think tomorrow I'll just keep quiet.