Wednesday 30 May 2012

On the Run - Competition details and an outfit for a school open evening

You will all be pleased to know that I haven't run off with Chris Martin. It was great to see him last night and he tried to woo me with his romantic songs, strumming away on his guitar but to be honest I found him a bit sweaty - so I sent him back to Gwyneth.

This is the outfit that I wore when I went out to an open evening at our son's school this evening.  In fact I had worn the shirt in the day, with my shorts (again) as I am trying to get my money's worth before I catch sight of myself in them and refuse to wear them again.

I thought that the bright shirt might be OK with grey skinnies and they brought out the grey in my shoes.  I figure that it's a good thing to wear skinnies from time to time in the summer - just to check that everything is in place.  It can be easy to get to the autumn and to have been lulled into a false sense of security by looser linen trousers and dresses minus waistbands - and suddenly the jeans seem a bit on the snug side.

I thought about digging out my grey Mulberry too but I quite like that my bags are stashed neatly away - so was quite happy to compromise on that one.

Now, I said that I would bring you details of how to enter my Scarf Envy competition, so here's how to do it:

First, go in and "like" Scarf Envy's facebook page

Second follow Scarf Envy on twitter

Third go in an "like" my facebook page

Fourth follow me on twitter

Fifth drop me a line to let me know why you should win the scarf - I will leave it to your imaginations! Here is another picture of the competition prize.  Entries will close at mid-night on Sunday 10th June.

Following on from my post on holiday packing, I spotted this dress in Jigsaw yesterday which can be worn in six different ways - including a way which covers the tops of the arms, which is all important to some ladies. 

It is priced at £119 and in store, it comes with directions on how to style it in those different ways.  It is incredibly versatile and I have to say the thought of one dress for a week away is quite appealing - as long as you had some travel wash with you.

The dress comes in three colours and you can take a look here Just thought that it might be worth a mention for anyone with a short trip away and not much luggage allowance.