Tuesday, 8 May 2012

On the Run - An H&M coat, some shiny new converse and what to do with the hair?

So after the madness of yesterday as a result of the DailyMail article I thought today would be a quiet one. How wrong could I be?!

Before we go into any of that though, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who got in touch to say how much they liked the article.  I also wanted to say "hello" to anyone who liked my facebook page and started to follow me on twitter - it's lovely to have you along.

As a result of some random look on twitter this morning, I realised that the finalists for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards had been announced and, peeping through one eye again (not good for the wrinkles) I was thrilled to see that Style Guile was one of the eight finalists in the Style category.  I am in some great company and wish lots of luck to all of the other finalists. The winner will be announced at the BiBs conference in June.

After that I was a bit of a dither so didn't manage to write much of the post I am doing for Boden but I have a poorly boy on my hands anyway so I was kept pretty busy trying to make him comfortable until...I had an email to say that Marks & Spencer would like me to work as a stylist for them in store.  Our eldest has this great plan for me to become the stylist on their adverts as that way I will get to meet Gary Barlow. I like her thinking! So, all in all that made for quite an exciting day.

As you can see, the navy H&M coat is coming into its own.  I think that it has nearly paid for its £24.99 self already.

On Saturday I wore it with my Hobbs spotty dress, which was quite a smart look.

On Monday, I wore it with black biker boots when going out for a walk with the girls in the rain.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the Primark lilac nail varnish that I bought the other day. It has lasted just as well as any of the more expensive brands. I may find that I need some industrial strength nail varnish remover to remove it.  I also pinched this coral H&M satchel from our eldest.  Well, if she will leave things lying around in the kitchen...

On Tuesday (this is all starting to sound a bit like "the Very Hungry Caterpillar" isn't it?) we only nipped out briefly and so the coat came out again, this time with the new converse and the Lola Rose scarf. 

Our eldest has her eye on the converse. When she asked me what size they were I replied "my size" which, sadly, also happens to be her size.

And here's a closer pic of the converse, which I fear won't be mine for very long.

I decided that in the shots of what I was wearing today my hair looked too much like a toupe so I have abandoned them. It is at that stage where I need to decide either to grow it or to keep it short but irrespective of that, it needs to be taken to the hairdressers. Problem is I don't have the time to go - shame I just can't hand it over to someone else to sort out for me. Any offers?