Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On the Run - Tips for styling a pear shape

The weather is so bad that some bloggers have taken a blogging sabbatical, on the basis that they don't have anything inspiring to offer during the wet weather. I am not convinced that I have anything inspiring to offer rainy or otherwise, so I am carrying on nonetheless.

However, I don't think it fair to ask the children to get soaked just so that they can take photos of me. Also, my friend who often takes photos wasn't at school today and I didn't feel it fair to accost her husband in the playground and ask him to do the honours - hence the DIY photos.

I am blogging early today as I have promised to help our eldest revise for a test tomorrow.  This involves learning the capital city of 45 different countries together with whether they are in the Eurozone and the EU.  Oh and she has to be able to mark them on a map. Think of me later!

I was doing a Wardrobe Consultation this morning so couldn't resort to a jeans and jumper combo (which is what I am wearing right now) so chose something simple, smart (ish) and rain proof (ish).

On reflection, this outfit would suit someone who is a pear shape - and this is why...

It is lighter on the top half, with a darker bottom half. This combination highlights the neater top half and creates a slimming effect on the bottom half, where it is required most. The A-line skirt skims without clinging and the wide hem has the effect of making the legs appear slimmer - it's true, trust me!

Matching your tights to your skirt will also create a leaner line as there isn't a "break" half way down your body. Matching your tights to your shoes also will do an even better job - so that is where the outfit fails slightly - but I like bright shoes.

The combination of the high waisted skirt and cropped jacket (and also cardigan) gives the impression of longer legs. The inverted pleat also draws the eye downwards.  Both of these re-dress the imbalance in a pear shape who, proportionately, has a longer body than legs.

The zips on the skirt also draw the eye in to the pear's waist - which is often one of the slimmest parts of a pear's figure.

As referred to above, the shoes let the outfit down as in theory they should be the same colour as the skirt and tights.  However, I like bright shoes and again, they draw the eye down the body which has the effect of lengthening it.  Whilst not always practical, a heel will add height and although the heel on these shoes isn't visible, it is quite chunky, which again is great for slimming legs.

Hopefully all of that will help to give a clearer idea on how to style yourself if you are a pear shape. My next task is to go and find the car keys. They are in the house somewhere and not in the obvious places, which means I will, at some point, find them in a random place like the fridge, the bin, the washing bin or the washing machine - but please don't tell my husband!