Sunday, 6 May 2012

On the Run - Wardrobe de-clutter Part 1

I had a thought (rare, I know) as I was running past the speed cameras this morning. You know the film My Fair Lady - the scene where Eliza Dolittle is at the races and she shouts at one of the horses "Move your bloomin' arse"?  Well, I expect that message to flash up at me when I run past them, rather than the large, illuminated, 30mph sign that flashes as cars approach too quickly.

Carrying on from yesterday's post, today I am going to bring you shots of the process I went through in de-cluttering my Wardrobe.  Having a neat and tidy Wardrobe, containing only those items that really work for you and that you feel good in, is definitely a great place to start.

This picture shows the heap of clothes that was expelled from my Wardrobe.

 These are the shoes with which I will be parting.

The next task was to sort the clothes and shoes into piles.  I put all coats together, all skirts, trousers, tops etc, just to bring some sort of semblance to the proceedings...

...and then bagged them up accordingly.  I haven't quite decided what to do with everything yet but I feel much happier now that a thorough edit has taken place and that it is all neatly ordered.

Naturally, as you might imagine, when going through the pile there were one or two things that I retrieved. I am going to see whether there is a way to re-style them before making a final decision.

I have it on good authority that tomorrow, along with three or four other bloggers, I may be making an appearance in the Daily Mail.  I knew it was in the offing, having spoken with the journalist a couple of times and having had a photographer come to the house last week.  I am letting you know this with some trepidation (and some uncertainty as to whether it will be in tomorrow or Thursday)...just in case you wanted to take a peek, which is exactly what I will be doing, through one eye.

Tomorrow, in the second of my Wardrobe de-clutter posts, I will bring you some pictures from inside my Wardrobe.  I am not quite sure whether I am more nervous about that, or the Daily Mail article but having started down the rocky road, there's no turning back now.