Friday 4 May 2012

Printed jeans - to wear or not to wear? That is the question

Having conducted a relatively quick survey amongst friends, it would appear that the current state of the weather has led to us all wearing a "uniform" of about five items, on a rotating basis.  It involves jeans, boots, a couple of jumpers and a mac. Sorted.

So today, I am bringing you some spring colours.  There's a whole debate raging about printed jeans - to wear or not? And if so, and one is over a certain age, how to style them? 

Having a thirteen year old daughter, I was slightly concerned when I was styled in printed jeans for the Woman & Home feature.  I felt a bit "young" in them - as if I were treading on her fashion toes - which in my view is never a good thing. A Mum needs to know where to draw the line!

Having said that (!) I quite liked the colours in these jeans which I spotted the other day in Primark. The background is khaki, with lilac and peach flowers. I just felt that the khaki background was a little different and the contrast less intense than a lot of the printed jeans which have a white background.

I also bought a lilac nailvarnish in Primark, which you can see above. The photo makes them look blue - which they aren't.

Having decided that it might be all right to tread on the tips of my daughter's fashion toes, I needed to think about how to go about styling said jeans. For me it had to be in a sophisticated way, rather than in a teenage kind of way.  So, here's the mint green silk shirt that I have shown previously and which is from H&M (£30).

As an alternative, this slouchy linen T-shirt from Zara (£15.99) would also be a good option, possibly with heels and a blazer....

...such as this cream Chanel inspired one from Zara - which has a whole selection of similar jackets this season.

So, here are the jeans and the silk shirt together...

and here are the jeans and the Zara jacket together...

Here's one outfit possibility...

and here's a second one.

I really like this colour combination. Granted, pastels aren't for everyone and neither are printed jeans but if you did fancy having a foray into either, or both, this may be a way of doing so. At £13, the jeans aren't too big a financial commitment so what do you reckon - are you likely to give them a go? (Says she, showing you these items but not actually wearing them, you note!)