Saturday, 5 May 2012

On the Run - A little bit of Hobbs in a Saturday outfit and some wardrobe editing

Do you ever have those moments when your children come up to you, most likely first thing in the morning, telling you that they don't feel well and you scream in your head "But you can't be ill today, I have to do such and such"?

That happened to me this week - twice in fact. Everything turned out OK in the end, thanks to understanding clients and a very accommodating husband who went to work at 7.30am on Friday to collect some work so that he could work from home that morning.  However on the second occasion, it could have all gone so horribly wrong because on that day I was due to shop with a lady whose wardrobe I had edited, in a very significant way, earlier in the week. Without that shop on Friday, she would have been one chilly lady. So when number 2 appeared and said he didn't feel well, that's when the scream occurred.  

I was working this morning, having been contacted by a lovely lady after she had read about me in Woman & Home. The only problem was, shortly before I was due to set off, I decided for some unknown reason, to edit my own wardrobe.  So that left me with little time to decide what to wear. In situations like that, you just have to go safe I reckon so this is what I wore...

My spotty Hobbs Bryony dress, which has served me well three times now.  You can see how I have styled it previously here (when I didn't have to walk as far) and here (when I did). What really struck me, when looking back to find these posts, was that the second photo was taken on 16th March and it's not a jot warmer now than then - which can't be right.


I wore this navy coat today, which I spotted (forgive the pun) in H&M yesterday.  I really like the fabric - thick but not too thick, the narrow double breast...

and the detail on the back - together with the price, of £24.99

I also opted for my Hobbs navy patent brogues as they are really comfortable and I walk a fair way when out and about, dashing around in the shops.

Finally, when looking in Topshop's window, I spotted these trousers which are the ones that I have in a different colour way, and which you can see here - I have to say, I am very tempted - although I am not sure about the ankle socks, I must confess.

Having decided that I should practice what I preach when it comes to editing wardrobes, over the next couple of days I will bring you photos of my efforts to de-clutter my own wardrobe - together with the end results.  No pressure there then.