Tuesday, 15 May 2012

On the Run - Trying out a little bit of Hush

I was really excited to be asked by hush clothing if I would like to select a few pieces from their range to try out. Largely because no-one has ever asked me before but also because a few of my friends have tried their pj's and really liked them.

Hush is run by a busy Mum - I don't really know why I used the word "busy" as I don't think that there is such a thing as a "non-busy" Mum - or a "non - busy" any kind of female at all really, for that matter.

The brand specialises in loungewear, nightwear and there is also a section on footwear, accessories and summerwear which includes dresses, tops and beach coverups - all of which have a very laid back, relaxed feel about them. Think of Victoria Beckham or the Herve Leger bandage dress -  now think of the exact opposite and that would be about right.

I have to say that my loungewear is dire - I am not sure that it even qualifies as loungewear - more like some indescribably awful old tracksuit bottoms that I resort to at the end of the day together with a pink fleece which has a hole in it where a spark from a fire landed on it. Someone once told me it looked like a cigarette burn. Classy!

I chose four items from the collection, two of which I am wearing today.  Firstly I chose the sloppy sweatshirt, at £30, which you can see here I liked the look of this because it was so different to what I would normally wear (other than my pink dishcloth jumper). Short and wide I liked the relaxed feel of it, together with the pale blue colour.  It has quite a low scooped neck and being fair of skin (OK, pasty) I put my Jigsaw breton top underneath it. 

I also chose the fold over trousers, at £45, which you can see here  These trousers are truly lovely. Putting them on felt like coming home and I have to say I wasn't expecting that. It was a bit like when I wore the Kristen Topshop jeans. Sadly I think that it's something about the high (and therefore supportive) waistband!

What I really like about them is that they are comfortable enough to wear around the house but smart enough to be seen out in. I can imagine wearing them on the boating holiday we are going on with some friends in the summer - I am talking barge here, not yacht - swapping the sweatshirt for a leather jacket and going to the pub for dinner, where the stretchy fabric will accommodate my scampi and chips. Yes, I am seeing the potential of these even more.

I also think that they would be great for new Mums who are just coming out of that pj stage (at about 6 weeks in my case) but who aren't quite yet ready for the stiffness of (some) jeans together with their waistbands, zips and buttons, especially if the Mums have have had a c-section.

Alternatively I suppose that they could be worn when doing some exercise - yoga or pilates may be - after all that's probably what they were desiged for.  On the other hand...

So, here is my outfit laid out - breton top, converse, hush bottoms and sweatshirt. Excellent - my holiday packing started already. Doubt that there will be room for much more anyway.

In the spirit of transparency I can tell you that these pieces haven't been gifted to me and I would happily pay for them, particularly the fold over trousers.