Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mum on the Run - Finding Style Inspiration on Dallas - and no, not in the form of shoulder pads!

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources. I have had these chandelier ear-rings for a while now and haven't been quite sure how to wear them - that was until last night when we were watching Dallas on catch up. And there she was! Sue Ellen was wearing a great pair of statement ear-rings with a really simple suit and white shirt so.... we go. I bought this Reiss jacket in the sale a while after Christmas. Reduced from about £225 to £60, I really liked the copper colour woven through it (see below). I wore it with navy Cos trousers and a white Gap shirt.  I had two meetings in town today with a decent walk between them so needed flat shoes and I didn't want to "pretty" the look up with heels, or colour or anything else really. The whole androgynous look was what it was about - well that and the Pat Butcher accessories.

In the same way that someone commented that they didn't think that they would see the words "Ann Summers" and "Sports Direct" mentioned together in a fashion blog (see post from a week or so ago), I'm not sure that anyone would expect to see the words "Sue Ellen" and "Style Inspiration" either but life is always full of suprises. I'm working on having my eyebrows like JR next. It shouldn't take too long.