Monday, 4 March 2013

Mum on the Run - Navy, sparkles and cobalt blue for a sunny spring day

After reading Trea's post on her Treasures n Pleasures blog on Friday, I was inspired to wear my Mango lace pencil skirt. I used to wear it a lot but haven't done so for a while, so it was time that it got an outing.

I stuck to an all navy scheme, the reason for which I can't really remember now but I suspect that it was something to do with it being easy. And warm. And comfortable. Sooooo predictable but then again I'm not a fan of being cold and uncomfortable - so I guess it works on some levels at least.

But then I wore Zara sparkly pumps and the lovely cobalt blue Kausar bag that I was given - just to stop it from being too flat.

I also wore a Reiss pea coat and Cos roll neck jumper. Really I just want it to be warm though so that I can wear all the summer clothes that I have in my mind to buy. It's a long list - a very long list - and in total a very expensive list, so perhaps it's better if the weather stays just as it is for a while longer. Or indeed forever, or else I think that I might have to start selling things - either bits of myself, or things on ebay. Who knows, perhaps other, even more, drastic steps are required. Drat that new Atterley Road brochure.