Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mum on the Run - Hot to trot in what? Hotters? Are you sure?!

Watch out Nottingham, the fashionistas are coming to town! I went to see my Mum and her sister today and between them, having dissected the fashion pages of Grazia, they decided that a shopping trip was in order. So armed with their bus passes and Hotter shoes (more of which later) they will be launching an attack on the unsuspecting Monsoon there to investigate their boho quilted jackets. I daren't tell them that Zara has a good selection too. I don't think that Zara is quite ready for my Mum and her sister.  They concluded that the Hobbs NW3 version was too expensive so at least Hobbs is off the hook - well for now anyway.

Whilst at Mums we also had a chat about the Hotter catalogue and I was informed by my Aunt, the font of all knowledge when it comes to M&S, that they are launching a new range which will be made in the UK.

Anyway, the chat about the Hotter catalogue got me thinking because a while ago now I bumped into someone who asked me to write about comfortable shoes. Whilst pregnant, she had suffered from oedema which had left her with one foot larger than the other. Quite often clients of mine comment that they can't find comfortable shoes but I think that maybe Hotter has one or two styles that may appeal to those who, up until recently, wouldn't have given them a second glance.

So, for those days when you would like to look as though you are wearing these: (Christian Louboutin Flo sling)

but what you are really looking for is the comfort of these (which I have now fallen a little bit in love with. Drat you Nike Air Max, I thought I had got you out of my system when I owned a pair of you 20 years ago.)

Then you could do worse than take a look at these Carly shoes from Hotter. I know that they're not cool and I know that they're not sexy. I also know that I will lose any tiny amount of street cred that I ever had. Actually scrap that - I know I never had any - but Hotter really are trying to up their game. Their website isn't too bad, their customer service is good and they have used attractive models - not like the Zara misery pants ones at all, so it's actually quite a nice site to look at. Their shoes comes in extra wide fittings as well as EEE and have additional padding for comfort.

Whilst the UK High Street may be the best in the world, for anyone who doesn't fit the standard shapes and sizes of clothes and shoes, it can be a nightmare and ladies are often left feeling despondent. I have come across this time and time again with ladies who are particularly tall, or petite, or who have a very curvy bust. However, Hotter may offer a little light at the end of the tunnel for anyone who suffers with uncomfortable feet - or for anyone who is on their feet alot.

I am now off to have a cup of cocoa and to prepare tomorrow's post. Damart or Jacques Vert anyone?!!!

Oh, by the way, has anyone been to the new & Other Stories store in London. I saw it when I was meeting up with some other fashion bloggers in London (says she, desperately trying to recover some street cred) a few weeks back and with its launch on 8th March, I am dying to know what people think.  The collection looks good online but you can't beat a good feel of the fabric to know how things really are shaping up.