Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mum on the Run - A bright layered outfit for a pub lunch where Broadchurch was filmed - how exciting for a Broadchurch groupie!

After this week's antics, it would seem quite appropriate that we are staying with some friends in what used to be a lunatic asylum (please forgive the un p.c. term - it's not of my doing), down in Dorset.
So, what does one wear when the predicted temperature is 12 degrees with rain and you are going to a nice pub for lunch a three hour drive away? The answer, for me at least, was layers, a bit of trial and error and open toe sandals of course. What else?! 

I think that it started off with me wanting to wear the red Topshop shoes and I built things from there upwards, with Gap skinny jeans, a cashmere Jigsaw jumper (with a vest and a long sleeved top layered underneath) and a quilted jacket from Johnnie B - which by my calculations makes a total of 4 layers.

It could be argued that I look like I'm going to a jubilee party but I can live with that, largely because my friend said far worse things about me later in the day....

And look where we ended up. For those of you who don't recognise the cliffs, they featured on Broadchurch - which I loved. Our eldest and I had a weekly date infront of the TV on a Monday night for a few weeks and it was great.

And this was a poster in the newsagents in West Bay, where Broadchurch was filmed...

It was at this point that my friend said that I didn't need to wear a Dork T-shirt. Having been going there for years I think that it was fair to say that she was totally embarrassed by my seriously uncool behaviour but hey-ho, I was in my element.

Hope that everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend and that the weather is warm and sunny - as it turned out to be where we were - luckily. For there to be warm weather on a Bank holiday and for us to be in the same place as it is nothing short of a miracle.