Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mum on the Run - Feeling blue? Here's something to lift your spirits....

Today's post on cream leather jackets was sabotaged by a dodgy wi-fi and a project on the Titanic. Having finally managed to save the photos that I wanted, and having kept the relevant pages open to get the links later on in the day, SOMEONE leapt on the computer on returning home from school and shut them all down. I didn't have the will to find all the links again, or to tell him off. Much.
So, this evening I am looking at blue pieces of clothing. Having spent the day shopping I now have lots of other blue things in the house but I had better do the Style Party first or there wouldn't be much point in folks turning up.
From left to right there's a Zara trouser suit, navy Peplum top from H&M, Hobbs NW3 jacket and a Mango jacket.

Sorry this is all so brief. I want to do some Tracey Anderson torture moves before going to bed...

This is the Mango Aztec jacket which I have featured before but which is a lovely piece. It's of a really great quality too. Smart enough for a wedding but equally good with jeans - this could work really hard for you.

This is the Hobbs NW3 jacket which I probably shouldn't feature again as they are now hard to come by. Bicester village may come up trumps though and Zara has a similarly coloured one.

This is a great navy top from H&M. Fab with a pencil skirt, or with a statement necklace and jeans. At £24.99 I didn't feel that it was too big an investment for a peplum top.
Trouser suits are the way forward this year and predictably Zara are up there with the front runners. I would love to wear one to a wedding as an alternative to a dress.

Love these cobalt blue Zara shoes - I realise that ankle straps aren't for everyone but they are everywhere this season so if you haven't dabbled before, now might be the time to do so.

I've just thrown this in as I liked the 60's feel about the outfit. Although it's a coat and shoes, with some skinny ankle length jeans it would make it a very accessible, wearable look. The coat is from Zara and the shoes, Clarks. There's also a top in this print if the coat felt too much or, the coat also comes in a pretty blue colour. It's a win win!

I really hope that all of the above makes sense. Given the time of day I'm not quite sure that it will but hopefully you will all be kind enough to read between the lines if not!