Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mum on the Run - Green with envy. One of my favourite shades of green to add the wow factor to your wardrobe.

Looking pregnant because you are pregnant is one thing. Looking pregnant because your top is sticking out due to the way that it is sitting over your belt buckle is an entirely different thing.  Which is the reason that two sets of photos had to be taken today. This is from the second set and whilst still pretty dodgy, at least I don't look pregnant in this one. Well, at least I don't think that I do.

Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about one of my favourite colours - which, now I come to think of it, I'm not quite sure how to describe. Jade green perhaps? The type of green which suits lots of people and which you can gurantee others will always comment on when you wear it. It makes blue and green eyes stand out and had sufficient pigment in it to give fair complexions a lift, without being overpowering. Like coral and cobalt blue, it's a great accent colour and works well with navy and black as well as with creams and taupes. 
The top that I am wearing above was from Jigsaw a few summers ago now and I love the colour of it. There are also a few pieces below from Zara - just because that's where I have seen the most green recently.
This Zara dress (£49.99) has a great swish to the skirt but the fabric isn't massively forgiving, so one needs to watch one's undies! The neat empire line is also flattering too, drawing the eye to a narrow part of the body. Unlike a lot of empire lines, there isn't a huge amounts of of flounce happening underneath the empire line, which we all know can give that pregnancy effect. Crikey, I think that there must be something in the air tonight with all this talk of pregnancy.

This Zara necklace (£19.99) is a fantastic piece. It's really popular and has sold out in our store but is still available online. The vibrant greens and blues would look stunning against a white t-shirt, a tanned skin or as an accessory to a simple dress.

OK so not strictly, or even remotely, the same shade of green this Zara jacket (£49.99) is worth including for it's great price, fantastic simple single breasted shape and the wide array of colours in which it comes, which includes royal blue, bright pink and yellow. This is definitely a current high street hero of mine.

If anyone is still short of a blazer for the Queen's Garden Party next week, this could be just what you are after.

This is what I am planning on wearing for my next post. What do you reckon? Spotted whilst at the BBC in Birmingham today, I just had to include it. It was worn by someone from Strictly Come Dancing, or something similar.

Can you imagine not only wearing this but actually flinging yourself around in it at the same time whilst being not only judged but filmed too? If that's not enough to keep you away from the biscuit tin, nothing would be.