Monday, 6 May 2013

Mum on the Run - These two lovely pieces would make my Wardrobe complete.....

When I say that these two pieces would make my wardrobe complete we all know that what I mean is that they would make it complete until the next time that I went to the shops or opened a magazine.

However for now - for this evening only - these are what I would like to own - aside from a Sophie Hulme cross body-bag of course but we're talking the real (ish) world here. Well, with a fair wind, a good discount and an even better excuse.

These shoes from Zara were also featured in the Sunday Times Style Magazine yesterday. When I spotted them last week I thought to myself that they would look good on here. I kept going back to them, strangely drawn to them without knowing whether I really liked them or not but I do. I can just imagine how they could give all sorts of clothes that I already own a real kick up the whatsit, giving them a new lease of life, dragging them kicking and screaming into a modern look. With pink, blue, black and yellow on them they would work with all sorts of things. I say "work" rather than "go" because part of the fun of fashion is having a little bit of clashing going on.

I can see them with black trousers, a black jacket and a simple top for a night out, with boyfriend jeans and a biker jacket, giving some edge to a pretty white dress, or worn with coloured jeans and a blazer or an oversized T.  Frankly if you were wearing these it wouldn't matter what else you were wearing, great or otherwise, because no-one would notice. All eyes would be on these babies!

Zara lace up shoes

And then, and I do have the Sunday Time Style Magazine to thank for this, I love this  Hobbs NW3 Lawrence top (£99) which is leather. I've had my eyes open for a leather top for a while but the Whistles ones that I have seen have been either really dark or very much down the sports luxe trend and a couple of hundred pounds too. Others just haven't cut the mustard either. No, this is far more me and luckily we have just received an invitation to a wedding reception. Remember that excuse I was looking for? Well maybe I have just found it.