Thursday 20 February 2014

Alice's Wonders - A treasure trove of sweetie coloured statement jewellery

After writing a post about a lovely Kate Spade necklace I had seen, I was contacted by Cathy who runs Alice's Wonders, a website which sells lovely statement jewellery in a sweetie shop selection of colours.
Having taken a look at the site, I fell in love with a couple of pieces which Cathy sent through to me to try. First of all I chose the blue vintage style statement necklace from Alice's Wonders (£9.75) - seen above.
Now, I know that I look a bit peaky in this photo below but so would you if you had just arrived for a two hour birthday party in a soft play area at 4pm on a Saturday evening. What a ridiculous time for a party. What idiot would arrange a party for that time? Oh that would be me then.
I really enjoyed wearing the necklace though and lots of people commented on how they liked it too. It's a fantastic price, a good weight and compares really favourably to many other pieces of statement jewellery that I own, some of which were much more expensive.

I also chose this statement pink necklace (£9) because predictably I fell for its colour and also its scale - it's not too chunky but substantial enough to be the right side of not too dainty - which is probably the most convoluted term ever but it describes it well!

Here I'm wearing the necklace with a very simple outfit and it just adds that all important splash of colour to it.

By way of background, Cathy is an ex City worked turned stay at home Mum to three small children. She has an avid interest in fashion and is very keen on a necklace, or two, or three. She was always looking for something slightly different to the High Street and loved Shourouk, J Crew, Kate Spade, Stella & Dot but on a much smaller budget and eventually she found a source of statement jewellery that offered just that - and so Alice's Wonders was born.

I'm also loving these pieces which you can find here. I can definitely vouch for their quality and general yumminess (that well known fashion term).

You can find Cathy on twitter at Alice's Wonders or you can contact her via email at