Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Would you wear a peplum skirt? If so ASOS is the place to go!

I know, I really need to train the 6 year old on how to take photos with this iPhone. It's funny because with most technology she is away ahead of me - Netflix (I don't even know how to get it on), the iPad (she managed to rack up a bill of £25 the other day buy buying extra bits and bobs I didn't know about) and TV remotes she can work like a dream. I'm starting to smell a rat - and it smells of reluctance!

Anyway, no doubt many of you will be aware of the trend for peplum skirts. As with any new trend, I think that it is definitely worth taking a closer look at. As we get older, the options do narrow down, so if something is not too short, too low cut or too covered in slogans (amongst other things) it's definitely worth considering, even if it is subsequently de-considered (not that that is a proper word!)

 Unlike peplum tops, I can get my head around these. I never saw the purpose of peplum tops (on me at least) - the peplum just looked too contrived and as if it would get in the way. Why it should be different with peplum skirts I have absolutely no idea because arguably I should view them in the same way, but for some reason I don't (not yet anyway)!

This Whistles dress that I am wearing has a peplum skirt to it, although because it has a drop waist, it's not particularly fitted.

I haven't seen many in the stores as yet but ASOS has a great selection if you're tempted. The length can be tricky so bear in mind that heels and a fairly fitted top will be needed to get the proportions right.  What do you think - tempted or not?!

yellow peplum skirt ASOS (£55)

black and white peplum skirt ASOS (£55)

pink peplum skirt ASOS (£55)

floral pink peplum skirt ASOS (£45)