Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Thanks to M&S, today I have a bit of a floral/graphic/neon/metallic thing going on....


Before I go any further, the only link that I can find on the M&S website to these shoes is at the very bottom of this page. I am guessing that they may have sold out but it could just be the weird and wonderful workings of the M&S site.

I didn't think that I was going to have time to post today - and this is going to be pretty brief (thank the Lord I hear you all sigh!) but an hour unexpectedly became available to me. You see on a Tuesday between 5.30pm and 6.30pm I am usually to be found watching the youngest do ballet. "Miss Siobhan" prefers that we stay and watch, which is lovely. However, after a complaint by a mother a couple of weeks ago over the quality of the choreography for their show, today the parents were asked to leave. I'm dead chuffed - I can't remember the last time I was asked to leave anything. Sadly I missed all the kerfuffle because I was in the newsagents next door at the time buying Grazia, some drumstick sweets and a fruit shoot for the youngest (sssh, don't tell anyone!)

Anyway, carrying on from my post the other day about block heels, last week I also bought these pointed block heeled shoes from Limited Collection at M&S. There are lots of pointed toe shoes around, from flat pumps (LK Bennett had some great ones in the sale) to high heeled ones at Whistles and Clarks (sorry, no time for links!) and these mid height heeled ones, which also come in royal blue and black.

In the dead of winter, these looked a bit scary on the shelves in M&S but on, I really liked them. They have that whole graphic/floral/neon/metallic thing going on - so talk about killing lots of birds with one stone. And they look so fresh too. For the purpose of this post I wore them with a sequinned jumper from Whistles but there's lots of playing around to be had with these little fellas.

Really hope that everyone is managing in this terrible weather. I think that we're getting off lightly by all accounts but for those who aren't, I hope that things improve soon. x