Monday, 17 February 2014

How to wear a fur gilet for a trip to the pub!

With two of the family in Italy and one in Greece, the youngest and I are having a little party for two of our own this week. So far we've done a whistle stop tour of friends and family and we have some other exciting things lined up - to include seeing the film "Frozen". It won't be just any old version though - oh no, we're talking the all singing, all dancing, "sing along" version. How jealous are you all now huh?!  Who needs Italy and Greece when you've got sing along Frozen in Birmingham?

So last night, I had a sneaky trip to my old local, where I also once worked. The youngest can't quite grasp taking photos on my new phone - it's all a bit big for her little hand and my Mum would probably try to turn the TV on with it or something, hence me looking like a plonky head in front of the mirror again.

I wore a Cos oversized top, Whistles bag, Faith shoes, New Look jeans and fur Primark gilet. I quickly glanced at an article in the Sunday Times Style Mag yesterday about gilets but I need to have a closer look to see what inner secrets I have revealed about myself by wearing one. Maybe it reveals that....I get quite cold. Or perhaps that's just a cover for something else more sinister.

This is a closer shot minus the fur gilet. I'm also wearing an Atterley Road bracelet bought as a Christmas present by a friend. I love it and wear it all the time. It's the right shade of blue to add a bit of a kick to an outfit. I did cop a couple of stares from the locals at my leopard print shoes. I guess they were a bit OTT for a night out in my local - but then I don't get out that much!