Thursday, 6 February 2014

Another new love - the block heeled ankle strap shoe - and do you recognise the dress?!

It just keeps happening. I keep falling hopelessly in love with some new style of shoes or clothing which I know will drastically revolutionise my way of living - but these really are it: the block heeled ankle strap shoe. And if you just bear with me for one minute I will tell you why...

During a normal working day I don't like to be restricted, or slowed down, by what I am wearing on my feet. Nor do I like to be uncomfortable. That's why trainers, boots, converse and anything which I'm strapped into is pretty good for me (although having said that, I'm not a fan of Mary Janes or T-bars which just really leaves trainers, boots and converse). Whilst I love courts and high heels, they irritate me after a while and I just want to take them off and get on with things. And ballet flats and smoking slippers make me feel dumpy.

However my need for speed can make it a bit difficult when wearing skirts or dresses. I've kind of had enough of ankle boots with dresses and skirts (until the next time I wear them that is) because there's no getting away from it, they do chop one's legs off. I've never been a fan of knee high boots myself as they always stop at that point just where things start to go downhill.

However when I saw these in M&S today I did think to myself "Hmmm, these could be a winner." That was after I had spied, and tried, some very pointed pale blue buckled boots, which most definitely were not - but at least I was taking my own advice from yesterday's post.

So now I'll get to the crux of the matter. This is why they work: First, they have a slight heel and I must admit that I prefer having my butt raised as far from the ground as is practical. Secondly, the ankle strap does a really good job of keeping the shoes in place, so I don't have to make any effort in that regard. Thirdly, as the strap is quite thin and black, it blends in with black tights, so the whole "cutting off the leg at the ankle" thing becomes less of an issue. Because of all of the above, I can now see myself wearing skirts and dresses that up until now I have steered clear of, unless I'm in a situation when I can wear proper heels. Come the warmer weather, when socks etc are no longer required, they will also do a pretty fine job of working with boyfriend jeans (a post on those to follow sometime soon - I have identified the ones I will be scrutinising) and possibly skinnies too. And for those who like the idea but not the look of the ankle strap, when worn with trousers the ankle strap may well be invisible - giving the benefits without the negatives.

M&S seems to have a great selection right now - as I am sure will many other brands but for now, I'm sticking with Marks - who also have some nice block heeled pumps minus ankle straps.

These silver leather block heel shoes M&S (£39.50) are next on my hit list for the spring. With jeans or a shift (provided it's not to short and the legs aren't too white/blue) these would work brilliantly.

These are the ones I am wearing above: pony skin block heels shoes M&S (£59). I haven't quite sussed the pricing of these shoes out yet. Some are Autograph and some not but there doesn't seem to be much uniformity, even from ones within the same "brand".

I'm loving these for a bit of colour: Royal blue block heel shoe M&S (£55)

The darker ones are easier to wear if tights are necessary, which is why I like the navy ankle strap block heel shoe M&S (£39.50). Speaking of tights being necessary, how is it that despite the fact that Victoria Beckham lives in the UK, she is frequently shown without tights? I don't think I've ever seen her in a pair of opaques.  Is it not cold in her little enclave of London, or does she not feel the cold? Hmm, interesting.

I'm actually really happy that I have found something else that I really like apart from the NL jeans or I fear that I would be wearing them every day. By the way, do you recognise the dress?!