Wednesday, 5 February 2014

An outft of spotty trousers - and pushing the fashion boundaries; just a little!



Spotty trousers - something I thought I'd never wear!

Today I wanted to write about a common theme that I have observed many times - and something that happened to me on several occasions, until I decided that life was too short not to take risks and be open minded about new styles of clothes.

Often women see other women (quite often younger than themselves) wearing a particular pair of boots, a certain style of jacket or a slightly different outfit combination and love it. Their heart skips a bit, it brings a smile to their face and then they think "But I couldn't do that, I'm too old/short/tall/"x" wouldn't like it/ people will laugh at me/I'm not trendy enough/it's just not me," so instead they stay in their comfort zone of safe pieces, feeling slightly deflated and demoralised - that heart skipping a beat moment having passed them by.

Now that's not a criticism but what I wanted to do in this post was to urge any of you who ever feel like that, just to go for it. It's better to try something new and decide that it's not right, rather than never go there in the first place and feel frustrated - and that doesn't mean being a slave to the latest fads.  Skinny jeans, a pair of heeled boots and a blazer for a night out - it's all do-able. Boyfriend jeans and heels or converse, a printed blouse, a coloured knit, a leather jacket, a sweatshirt, a bomber jacket, a statement necklace, a pleated skirt, a pair of culottes - give them a whirl.

The worst thing that can happen is that you decide not to go down that route but you may just wear your new things with a smile on your face and a spring in your step - slightly like someone from an advert for hairspray or laxatives - but hopefully not.