Monday, 16 April 2012

On the Run - In a spotty dress as seen in Red Magazine

Today I was up in Cheshire and because the occasion demanded that I dress up a little, I wore this spotty Hobbs dress which I bought a while ago.  To brighten it up a little I put it with a skinny pinky red belt.  I also carried my newly found tote which I haven't been parted from since it was re-discovered in my husband's Wardrobe. I have no idea what it was doing there - it's not as if I have pinched at least a half of his Wardrobe for my clothes or anything.


As this is quite a pretty dress, with its ties at the bottom of the sleeves, at the neck and with the frill around the bottom,  I chose my shoe boots to stop it from looking either too girly, or too dated.  Before I left the house, I asked my husband to choose which shoes he preferred.  He looked at them and said that they looked great - so great he hadn't even realised that I had different shoes on different feet.

Here's a closer picture of the belt which was also from Hobbs - please forgive the fact that I have not positioned it to cover the seam on the dress. You can also see the frill at the bottom of the dress which was given a name by Grazia the other week - it was a play on "peplum" and could have been pep-hem, or hemplum or something like that. Apparently they are the height of cool at the moment which, as you can imagine, is obviously why I bought the dress in the first place.

This is the same dress that was also featured in this month's edition of Red Magazine - it's on page 30 and they show you how to style it four different ways. I like their ideas but I think I'll probably make my own ideas up as I go along.

On Saturday I said that I was going to make another three tiered chocolate cake with our son - well here was the result.  As you can imagine, it doesn't look much like this now.

I was gutted to have missed today's episode of the TV series Doctors as our house featured in it, as do many of the houses around here.  I did catch a clip of it at the end of Friday's episode though. Seeing a man standing on our doorstep dressed up as a woman was something again. I fear that this may be as interesting a story line as some of the others which have included a murder, STDs, extra-marital affairs - you name it, it all goes on behind the pink front door!

Today's outfit: Hobbs dress and belt, Jigsaw shoe boots, Coccinelle bag