Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mum on the Run - Time for a Bicester purchase to get its first outing

As I mentioned yesterday, I was on the Radio today talking about the Buy My Wardrobe event on Saturday.  The funniest part was when I returned home, only to find that our youngest had been running round the kitchen going "Mummy, Mummy," when she heard me and then wondering why I didn't respond to her request that I bring some chocolate home for her.

The aim of today's outfit really was to provide an opportunity to wear in the shoes that I bought from Hobbs at Bicester on Saturday.  Driving to the Radio studio, walking to it and then around a couple of shops in the same complex allowed me to do that - and they were fine.

So, having decided on the shoes it was a case of building the outfit around them.  I had seven pairs of jeans on the bed (the purpose of which will be revealed in tomorrow's post) so I picked one of them and stuck them with the shirt that I already had on (also for the purposes of tomorrow's post)....

I then added the scarf that I had on yesterday, just because it was handy, a leopard print belt and a navy blazer.

These are the Hobbs shoes that I bought from Bicester.  They are from the NW3 range and they were reduced from £179 to £34, which is a proper saving in my book. I also loved the yellow ones (as shown on Saturday's post) but the yellow ones didn't love me! This style of shoe is great for me at this time of year -  covered enough not to be too summery but uncovered enough not to be too wintery.  The chunky heel is very sturdy and the platform detracts from their height, so they are actually very comfortable to wear.

Here is a photo of the totes (shopping bags?!) that LK Bennett have in stock this season.  I happened to spot them when in there looking for some shoes and a bag for a client of mine who has two weddings to go to in one day.  Lovely colours aren't they?

I too had an umbrella dilemma today, just as our eldest did yesterday. However my choice was between Peppa Pig, Pirates of the Carribbean and Jaqueline Wilson. The pirates one won until the youngest couldn't get up the hill on her scooter at which point I used it to pull her instead.  I know I am always going on about it, but versatility is what I like in an item - whatever it may be!