Friday, 27 April 2012

On the Run - The one that got away!

Some times you've just got to laugh. I had high hopes (in my head) for this outfit but it just didn't tranlsate into reality. I thought that the combination of the green trousers, white top and sparkly scarf would be a nice look. This photo shows them in their best light - look to the one at the bottom of the page for a bad one!

I really liked these Zara trousers when I saw them.  The green was a nice shade of green and I could see how the trousers would offer a practical alternative to jeans/leggings/wide leg linen trousers for the summer.

When I saw the cuff around the bottom I wasn't sure but went with them anyway on the basis that  they could be versatile, being dressed up with heels for the evening or down with flats for the day.

I still think all of that is true, if only they weren't such a funny shape! I swear that I could have got me and my Mum in them around the waist, yet the legs were fine. Whilst wearing a belt meant that they didn't fall down around my ankles, the material bunched up above the belt and there was enough to make a parachute.  I went back to Zara to try a smaller size but I couldn't get them up past my calves. 

On this photo you can get more of an idea of the amount of loose fabric around my hips/waist. I look like a right baggy Bertha!

Anyway, I may keep my eyes out for an alternative because I still reckon that the outfit might work, if the trousers looked like they belonged to me and not someone else.

Mr SG and I had a great night away for his birthday, with the celebrations continuing on into the weekend. I realised, half way through scoffing our cream tea that, in true blog style I should have taken a photo of it in all it's glory to post today. However, by that stage it wasn't looking too pretty so you will be pleased to know that I refrained. The scones were delicious but crumbly and we made a hasty retreat like a couple of school kids when we realised it looked as though a couple of chimps had been attacking the tea, rather than two, supposedly competent, adults.

I can't get a signal where will be over the weekend, even with my dongle(!) so I will be back on Sunday. Have a lovely weekend.