Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Best - A lovely curvy lady in a Boden Tunic

For Today's Sunday Best, I am bringing you Kathy, a lovely lady who sent this photograph of herself through to me in response to my request for photographs of curvier ladies. 

Kathy has styled herself in this Boden tunic which is a great shape for her figure.  The v-neck is very flattering to her, as is the contrasting band which also runs under the bust, highlighting the narrowest part of her body. The vibrant print keeps the eye on the move and the sleeve is flattering to her too. 

Kathy asked me whether I thought that the tunic was too short for her and also whether her tights and boots were too heavy.  Kathy works hard to stay fit and she is well toned so I thought that the length of her dress was fine on her and her opaque tights too are flattering. 

My only suggestion to Kathy was that  she may also like to try a shoe instead of a boot because not only would they give a different look but they would provide a more stream-lined look.  The top of a boot cutting horizontally across the leg can just interfere slightly with the look so experimenting is always worth while.

Many, many thanks to Kathy for sending her picture to me and also to her husband for taking her photograph - I am very grateful and I am sure that others will be too.