Wednesday, 18 April 2012

On the Run - Shots of pieces I found on my shopping trip today...

I want to say a big "thank you" to everyone who asked me how I was after yesterday's post - it was really kind of you all and I am pleased to report that I am back on form.

I started my day today by styling a lovely lady for a wedding she is attending. I had put all my eggs in one basket - largely because there weren't any other decent baskets into which to put any other eggs, but it all worked out well, which was a relief.

I then went on to shop for an event that I am doing tomorrow night in the centre of Birmingham. Here's a snapshot of the pieces that I bought. I am really looking forward to it as I will be covering all sorts of things - 10 classic pieces with 10 on trend alternatives, how to style one dress several different ways, the eternal problem of jeans, showing how certain pieces do a great styling job, 10 key pieces for the season.....I will try and bring you some more pics tomorrow.

On my whizz around Birmingham I also took a few snaps of things that I liked - even though I wouldn't necessarily wear them myself -such as these paisley shorts in Oasis. Paisley has had a huge revival - a great alternative to florals these will look amazing on the right person - which as I say isn't me!

This was the view that greeted me on walking into Oasis - I just thought that it was so pretty and colourful with these 1950's inspired dresses - a really nice contrast to the dull day outside.

In contrast, this was the rail in Cos, which also made an impact because of its simplicity. They have released five of their best selling white shirts in celebration of the fact that they have been in existence for five years. If you look closely you can see the tags on shirts 1 and 5.

I saw this dres in Betty Jackson Black and liked the flattering style of the v-neck, the draping and the print - all of which are good for curvier ladies.

A sucker for a smart coat to wear to a wedding, I also photographed this navy coat at Betty Jackson. I like the idea of wearing a smart coat for the wedding part of the ceremony with more of a party dress for the evening do.  The three quarter length sleeve is flattering, as is the lack of fuss at the neckline and the tie waist.

I also bought a stack of Topshop jeans so I hope to bring you another jeans post tomorrow, or over the next couple of days, together with some outfits from the event.

I have learnt two things today from our children:  From our eldest, that the word "studying" has the word "dying" in it.  Think that shows how she feels about exams right now.  From our youngest: That you shouldn't wear too many clothes as you can't scratch your bottom.  Right. Fab.