Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mum on the Run - What possessed me? Stripes, spots and flowers all together....

We were off to see family today so I decided on my spotty trousers, which haven't had an outing for a while.  I didn't like the jumper that I put with them initially so I cast that aside and with a couple of moments to spare, grabbed my Guernsey.

This was all starting to go down a bit of a blue route so I added the blue necklace that I was wearing yesterday...

...and also my Orla Kiely handbag.  Mixing it all up a little is fine, provided that the colour palette is the same and I quite liked this combination, for a change.

Being as it's Easter Sunday, I thought that chocolate needed to be included in the post. I took this photo in the airport on the way to Guernsey but forgot to include the pic before now.  My love of Toblerone continues.  My husband is trying to wean me off it but it's not working.

Unfortunately, in playing a game of re-hiding the Easter chocolate, our youngest put this bunny on a chair under a cushion.  Guess who didn't know it was there and guess who sat on it?  Poor (squashed) bunny.

Oh and I received some fashion advice from our son this morning which went like this:

Me: Appearing in the kitchen not quite dressed having come down for something;

Son: "Mum, could you at least wear opaque knickers rather than translucent ones?"

That's me told!