Thursday, 19 April 2012

On the Run - The rise on jeans Part 2 : Topshop

Today's post is all about - you guessed it - jeans.  Many of you contacted me after the last post so I thought that I would do another one, this time concentrating on jeans from one particular brand - and this time it's Topshop.

Once many ladies get to a certain age, they no longer dare step over the threshold of Topshop - or any of the perceived "younger" brands. I guess it can seem quite intimidating but I am sure that the people working in there are far too wrapped up in their own thoughts to pay much attention to anyone else  - or their age so I encourage people to go and have a look around. Even if it's only the accessories you wander to I am sure that you will spot something that you like.

The great thing is that Topshop jeans go up to a size 16, they also do a tall range, albeit more limited and a petite range too.  They sell millions of pairs of jeans a year and some swear that they are as good as other brands which cost five times as much.  So really, they do know what they are doing. 
To keep it simple I chose four pairs of jeans, all in the same size, and took four pictures of me wearing each pair:
  • A close up to show you the height of the rise (using a "I run with the wolves" sticker which I found. I have no idea where it came from let alone what it means!)
  • A close up shot of the jeans;
  • A full length shot straight on;
  • A full length shot sideways on.
The Leigh Supersoft ankle grazer: cost £38: composition 65% cotton, 31% polyester, 4% elastane

Favoured by many a star, including Kate Moss, I was never sure about these...until now! I often say at styling events that the aim is to look totally polished and stylish whilst feeling as though you are wearing your tracksuit bottoms - and these jeans achieve just that. 

They feel fairly unsubstantial to the touch but when on they feel divine - soft and with 4% elastane they stretch with you. If you are new to the idea of skinny jeans I would definitely give these a try.  If you don't like the feel of anything other than cotton and elastane in your jeans, the addition of polyester means that these may not be for you.  However the trade off with the softness and comfort may be one worth making. Although they are meant to be ankle grazers, the 34" leg turned them into full length ones on me.

Kristen High Waisted Skinny: Cost £40: Composition 98% cotton 2% elastane

If I thought that the Leigh were good these were amazing.  Just look at the high rise on those babies -so comfortable! I fear that it is all downhill for me from hereon in. You will soon find me skulking around the Granny pants in M&S! If you prefer only cotton and elastane in your jeans these may well be for you. They aren't quite as soft as the Leigh but they are firm and supportive - probably a bit like a 24 hour girdle - remember that advert?

Baxter Skinny: Cost £40: Composition 98% cotton 2% elastane

As you can see, the Baxter are the style with the lowest rise so far.  They do have a little more room at the bottom of the leg - a bit of a kick if you like - and whilst I would probably have loved them had I not already tried on two amazing pairs, these were less comfortable and flattering than the Leigh or Kristen - but that is probably just down to my shape and preference rather than anything else.

Jessie Flare: £42: Composition 99% cotton 1% elastane

These are the most expensive of the jeans but still a reasonable price.  I have a pair of these which I wear with flats and they are great. They are the only flared pair that I have shown and they are definitely worth a try if you are in the market for a new bootleg/flare style.  The ones I tried were black.  Not too low slung they are comfortable but they have less elastane in than some so may take a little more breaking in and may need to be washed slightly more often (inside out of course) to maintain their shape.

So, that's me done for the evening with the jeans.  Hopefully I will have some photos for you tomorrow of the event last night and the pieces on "the rail!"