Saturday, 23 June 2012

On the Run - In flowery jeans (part 2)!

It had been my intention to take the jeans that I am wearing, below, back to Primark.  I went in twice but just couldn't face the 20 minute wait each time in the queue - so in the back of my car they remained - until today.

I saw these jeans (below) when I was in Selfridges the other day. They had been massively reduced from over £200 to somewhere in the region of £70/80, I think! It reminded me that I still had my £13 Primark ones in my possession and with a grey day dawning today, I thought that it was the perfect day to wear them.


Here is a picture of the jeans as they appeared on the blog back in May when they weren't particularly well received. I have to say, there is something slightly unsettling about posting a picture of an outfit which you know in advance is unlikely to be well received!

Someone went as far to say that they thought that they were pretty bad and asked whether I would wear them if they weren't in fashion. I was also asked whether they would be in the photo album of shame by Christmas. Ho hum.

Well here are the jeans, both in, and on, the flesh! For what it's worth, I really liked wearing them - although that could have partly been due to the fact that, being from Primark, I went up a size - so they were uber comfortable!

I started off by putting them with a white shirt but in the end opted for a very plain grey Jigsaw top and cream brogues from Dune, just to tone it all down. Our youngest said that my flowery legs were "lovely" and that I could take them to gymnastics with me if I liked. Granted, she's only four but you can always rely on children for an honest opinion. Our son didn't comment either - and he's normally the first one in there with the "Mum....I don't really like...."

Ultimately I don't think that the overall view was as bad as our score in the Eurovision song contest!

I think that my husband is slightly miffed with me. For many years now, we have only had one TV between the 5 of us - and you can guess who never gets a look in, So, after all this time, I had a cable installed into the kitchen so that we could have a TV in there.

Today we went off to get a TV and not only is this one (which my husband refers to at "your TV") newer, slimmer, bigger and more technologically advanced than the family one but it is going to be installed in time for tomorrow's England game - and my husband hates football! I do actually feel quite sorry for him as he loves his TV - whereas really, if I'm honest, I just like to make a fuss about never getting to watch any!