Thursday, 14 June 2012

On the Run - A mixture of Topshop "Vintage" and Topshop "current" (ish)

Given that our youngest was having a meltdown when we left her friend's house, I am amazed that I secured her co-operation in taking photos 5 minutes later when we arrived on the drive.  Some are a bit "headless" and some are a bit "shoeless" and most are a bit fuzzy - but I think that you can get the idea.

To say that the photos were hurried is an understatement.  It would have been good to have had a couple more seconds to adjust the outfit out a little but nevermind - that's life in the fast lane for you!

I felt that these Topshop trousers would be the right weight for today's weather and started with those as the basis for my outfit, putting them with my Gap white shirt.

I also whipped the pale pink belt from my blue Next chinos and wore that too.  Ordinarily I discard belts that come with trousers as I think that often they are quite cheap looking - but I reckon that a pale pink patent belt could look cheap however much it cost! It's a bit like Dolly Parton saying how it costs her a lot of money to look as cheap as she does.

I then dug out these Topshop shoes which I bought prior to child number 2, I think it was - so over 10 years ago now at least - but which I had only worn once. Thinking that they were really high, I had been put off from wearing them but in fact they weren't that high at all - although the slim heel would have made it difficult to run in them.

I had a chance to have a quick whizz around the Selfridges sale before finishing for the day. As with the Marni for H&M debacle, the grabbing and throwing around of the bags, in particular, made feel quite sad. 

There were Mulberry bags reduced from £800 to £400 which, whilst not damaged, had clearly been man-handled.  I'm all for using nice pieces, rather than keeping them in the Wardrobe [rant warning!]but there's no forgiving the way that some people treat things which aren't even theirs and which others may want to buy. 

The clothes were in a much better state with Vivienne Westwood dresses half price.  At £450 they still weren't cheap but such a discount would definitely make them affordable for some. Ted Baker and Coast had great offers too as did LK Bennett, Jimmy Choo and Prada. As for the High Street - ladies, if you want to shop, now is the time to do it. There are sales galore!