Wednesday, 20 June 2012

On the Run - Oh yes, the sun is out and I will wear that new dress!

And so it finally arrived. A day when it was actually warm enough to wear a dress.

I bought this dress a while ago now from GAP, knowing that it would be a good every day kind of dress and I finally got the chance to wear it today.

It's a good length for me and the addition of a leopard print belt in place of the navy tie belt with which it came made it a little more up to date. There's enough fabric in the skirt not to limit my movement but I had to watch that the wind didn't take hold of it and reveal a little more of myself to the world than would have been good for anyone.

Whilst working on some articles at home this morning, I got a call from the BBC asking if I would mind going on air to talk about a feature they were doing on keeping diaries - blogging being the new form of diary and all that. 

Having spoken to two other guests at length (!) about the contents of their diaries, the presenter then came to me, allowed me about 30 seconds to speak before telling me that a blog wasn't really a diary at all and then cut me off.
I thought that it was an interesting idea to invite me on the show to give a different perspective and then tell me that I was talking rubbish.  I just find those kind of things so funny as it happens to me all the time - which probably says more about me than anyone else! However as my daughter so rightly observed: "That's why it's called a blog and not a diary. It's different."

So anyway, I am off to a very swish event tomorrow for Ladies' day at Ascot. The event is being held at Marco Pierre White's new restaurant in Birmingha. There is a fashion show from Harvey Nichols and the races are being shown on the screens.  Remember the My Fair Lady "Move your bloomin' arse" comment? That has my name written all over it! However I shall try to put thoughts such as those out of my mind and act with grace and decorum befitting of the occasion...