Sunday, 3 June 2012

On the Run - A rainy day can't dampen our spirits - but I think that this Noa Noa coat would be a good additon to my Wardrobe right now!

There's being an eternal optomist (no, that weather forecast can't be right, the temp can't possibly drop by 10 degrees from one weekend to the next) and then there's just being plain stupid.  When it came to packing for our weekend away I fell into the latter category.

I have been packing for family holidays away in the UK for the past 13 years and still I get it wrong! I nearly didn't bring you a photo today, given that there is nothing much of interest to show but new people are always dropping by the blog and they may just spot something that they like.  And as I always maintain, Style Guile is a bit of a warts and all blog! Not that there's anything wrong with today's outfit - at least I am warm and comfortable.

Given the cold and rain today, jeans were the obvious choice, together with warm socks and converse to start off with but as it warmed up slightly, I cast the socks aside and rolled up the jeans slightly. 

You will notice that the jumper is the same one that I was wearing yesterday.  Underneath it I have layered a vest, a long sleeved white Fat Face top and my new White Stuff Shelley top at £39.95, which you can see here I liked that the collar of the top added something to the jumper and it was good to test out its versatility by layering it under something else.

Today I wore my three bracelets that I had brought with me - my new Reiss one, my green one from La La Rocks (def worth taking a look at their site as their products are lovely and now stocked by Harvey Nichols) and my Links one, which I bought with some money from my Grandma. I have one charm for each child and one for my husband.

Whilst in Cirencester yesterday I had a quick walk around Noa Noa. I love little towns with their independent boutiques and less mainstream stores.

Noa Noa Cornel Coat in Cloudburst (1-0354-1)

I spotted this Noa Noa Cornel coat in Cloudburst which you can see  here  - it is definitely the sort of thing that I should have packed - this holiday and probably over the last 13 years!

For those of you who wondered where we were staying, we are at Watermark in the Cotswolds - not too far from home distance wise but it feels like a million miles away!  Some friends have a place nearby so we dropped into see them and joined in their jubilee party which in my case, consisted of two very strong Pimms and some chocolate biscuit cake. Result.  I hope that you are having a great jubilee weekend and don't forget to enter the competition for the Union Jack Scarf Envy scarf here - the fact that it is made of wool is decidedly appealing right now!